We have all been through breakup at some point in time in our relationship and the thought of should I quit or stick with the hope that thi...


We have all been through breakup at some point in time in our relationship and the thought of should I quit or stick with the hope that things will improve eventually will have to creep in. It has always come down to asking ourselves few questions before making a firm decision and a little observation can help you make the right choice for your life. Here are questions you should ask yourself before ending a relationship;
1. Does the relationship bring out the best in me?
The right person should encourage you, support you and make you feel a shared happiness when you reach a new goal. If the person brings you down, brings out negative emotions in you or doesn’t fulfill your needs and desires, you really need to stop and ask yourself where things are heading to between the two of you and if you would be better off flying alone for a while.
2. Am I having to sacrifice more than I should for the relationship?
If you relationship feels like a burden then you need to question what they are bringing to the table and how much you have sacrificed in order to make the relationship work. You really need to ask yourself if you feel satisfied in the relationship or not because you can only give so much in a relationship before you feel taken advantage of. If the other partner does not pull their own weight and does not make you feel special or wanted then you should go your separate ways.
3. Do we share the same passion and goals for our future?
Conversation regarding the future will inevitably come up in any committed relationship. In most cases, two people going in completely opposite directions won’t have much of a chance at keeping the flame alive way down the road, so you need to ask yourself this question early on.
4. Are we fighting more than we are laughing
Relationship should not be like a dreadful part of your life, they should inspire you, uplift you and make you feel alive in general. Disagreement will occur in any relationship but if you spend majority of your time fighting rather than enjoying life in each other’s presence, this is a red flag for you. Be with someone who ignite’s the light within your soul and not those who dampen your spirit.
6. Do they add value to my life
Do they really enhance your life, add color and vibrancy or make you feel drained and uninspired? If you start seeing everything differently once you are with them, you need to ask yourself if the relationship is really worth sacrificing your happiness for.
7. Would I regret it later if I didn’t end the relationship today? 
Would you look back and wish you had moved on from the relationship five years from now? Living with regrets will always leave a deeper wound than getting out of an unfulfilling relationship even if it means you have to be single for a while. Stay true to your heart and never stay in a relationship just because it feels comfortable or because you feel like you would be letting the other person down.
8. Do I feel happy or upset majority of the time?
There is no relationship that would not go through some trials and tribulations, most times, the struggles that people face together makes their relationship stronger. You should never stay in a relationship because you feel you are obligated to do so, if you do not feel happy, you have every right and responsibility to disclose your feelings to your partner.
9. Do we make time for one another?
All of us have obligation in the modern world and life can get pretty hectic from time to time. However, no responsibility should take precedence over the love you have for one another, people either make time or excuses so if it seems that your partner often makes the latter do you really want to continue the relationship feeling like you are constantly put on the back burner?
10. Would my life be better without them in the picture?
This is really a good question, what would your life look like without them around? If you imagine yourself as a happier and more peaceful person then you need to sit down with your partner and come clean about your feelings. Breakups can cause a temporary upheaval and emotional wave in your life.