Soon-to-be Mums! Yes! It’s all about getting set for the arrival of your dearest one. You just have to invest much towards this. You can...


 Soon-to-be Mums!
Yes! It’s all about getting set for the arrival of your dearest one. You just have to invest much towards this. You can have the nursery decorated and hospital bags packed but the whirlwind of having a baby; a real life baby in your home is crazy. Having everything ready does put your mind at ease so be glad to prepare because even though you had a scheduled c-section, your baby might decide to come on her own, that’s a story for another day….lol.
Although your list should be based on how much money you have, there are certain items you should always have or pack in your hospital bag.
Hospital bag
Hospital bag
Here are the top six essentials every mum needs in her hospital bag;
1.Toiletry Bag:
You need a toiletry bag inside your hospital bag. This toiletry bag should contain items such as toothbrush, shampoo and conditioner, brush, hair tie, deodorant, and toothpaste.
2.Going Home Outfit:
You could just go home in the clothes you came in with, or you could bring something beautiful. This is important in case your baby mistakenly soils the one you are wearing. Just slip it on over your head or slip your arms through in a wrap dress. Trust me, dresses are simple yet always give you a put together look.
3.C-Section Panty or Girdle:
It is recommended by most nurses not to use it just yet because the pressure would exacerbate your abdominal pain, but it helps later. Your abdomen is not going to look the same after your c-section. It will be flabby, discolored, and tender thus, you need this in your hospital bag.
4.Car Seat Cover or Nursing Cover:
You need this because it gives your baby enough privacy, blocks out wind, and blocks out potential germs. If you haven’t seen this cover yet, you need to know about it.
5.Nursing Bra and Nursing Pads:
A sleeping bra is a must once your milk comes in, or even before when you’re still tender. Underwire bras are no options here. The nursing bra is great for sleeping and during the day. It is loose enough to pull down to nurse. It can be used as a human pacifier, but sturdy enough to keep everything snugly in place so you aren’t in more discomfort.
6.Nursing Pillow:
Every child latches on differently or has his own quirk when being nursed. Holding on to that baby and trying not to strain your abdominal muscles is a little tricky and painful. A nursing pillow will be your best friend. So will a good chair, but the pillow lets you accommodate and get situated with baby using two hands.

Your hospital bag must contain these items!