Damsels! It’s quite a luxurious experience getting a  manicure at the salon , but who has the time for it every week? Opting for  manicu...


It’s quite a luxurious experience getting a manicure at the salon, but who has the time for it every week? Opting for manicure at home can equally be time consuming, not to mention difficult; you have to carefully keep the polish off of your cuticles and ensure that you don’t mess your work up while it’s wet. This is an aspect virtually everyone of us is guilty of.
Knowing full well that everyone of us is guilty of this, there are some tricks that will help you easily get through all these if you opt for having your manicure done by you at home. Here are the top fivenail hacks to master your at-home manicure;
1. Rescue with Sugar:
If you knock over a bottle of lacquer, quickly pour white sugar onto the spill as the sugar causes the polish to clump up, so you can easily clean your mess. Trust me, this really works.
2. Quick-Dry Options:
Don’t go spending money on costly quick-dry drops; simply spritz some on nonstick cooking spray. Not only does it help your manicure harden, but the oil will moisturize your cuticles.
Quick dry
 3. Polish Pronto:
Stuff a few cotton balls into an empty pill bottle, then pour enough polish remover in to completely saturate the cotton. Insert your finger and twist — your lacquer will come off easily.
Nail polish remover
 4. Turquoise Tricks:
If you wish to to create nail art that looks just like the marbling on a turquoise stone, don’t try doodling the veining. Simply use a piece of plastic wrap. Start with a dry aqua manicure, then grab a piece of plastic wrap, crumple it so there are a lot of wrinkles and folds, and take a gold polish and dab it onto the crinkled plastic. Go ahead to press the painted plastic into your nails like you would an ombré sponge.
Turquoise tricks
5. On Top of Ombré:
Dab a few different shades of polish on a sponge shadow applicator instead of cutting up cosmetic sponges for your next ombré manicure. Using a rolling motion, press flat against the nail from tip to cuticle, and repeat until all the color is deposited. The shadow wand is the perfect size and shape to get a precise design.
Makeup sponge