The phrase “I love you” have been habitually used frequently that it doesn’t have effect anymore on partners as many have used it to be o...


The phrase “I love you” have been habitually used frequently that it doesn’t have effect anymore on partners as many have used it to be one of the most deceptive phrase. Though, there is nothing wrong with it but it would be great to mix it up a bit. You need to tell your partner what you especially love about them, it would show that you have actually made an effort rather than just say “I love you” out of routine. Here are other words you can use instead of I love you;

1. My love for you grows with each passing day
Love grows with time so saying this will show that you acknowledge this fact and also notice it. You could always add something to it like how you have grown to love some habit of theirs or the way they talk when they are excited.
2. You can make me laugh like no one else
Having a clever sense of humor is great and it will help keep things on the lighter side. Partners tend to take certain things for granted in a long term relationship, they grow out of the habit of mentioning the things they love about their partner. So telling your partner this, would serve as a reminder and a compliment, it would also make them feel special.
3. You are hot
It’s a good thing to remind your partner that you admire the way they look, though, you might not mention or compliment them as much. Instead of the often used I love you phrase you can remind them of how attractive and amazing they look.
4. You are the only person I will be able to put up with everyday
We all have those days we just don’t feel like doing anything and we don’t want to be around anyone. The only person whose presence would not bother you is your partner and that is a meaningful thing you can say to your partner.
5. How much you love watching them do something they are passionate about
It is a good idea to keep revisiting the very moments you felt something for the first time, it conveys the admiration you have for them and could possibly stir something in them too.
6. I love the way your body flirts with my mind
Make sure your partner knows exactly how much you crave their body. Though, it may seem superficial and there are things more important to some people but at some point in your relationship, things like this will be equally important. You need to assure your partner that you also want them and you are sure of how you feel about them.
7. I don’t know how but you have become attractive over time
It is an undeniable fact that we are all concerned with the way we look especially when we are growing old with people. You are always worried about them losing interest in you and if they still find you attractive or not. You will see how your partners face will light up when you put them out of their misery and tell them exactly what has gotten better with age.

Theses are few words you say to your partner, what other words have you used? Share with us below.