Ma Ladies Modelling is one good thing that makes a lady display her poise and grace. Many  modelling agencies  are looking for different ...


Ma Ladies
Modelling is one good thing that makes a lady display her poise and grace. Many modelling agencies are looking for different looks at all times. The advertising industry is more interested nowadays in a wider representation of people in their ads. Besides, modelling is a very competitive business so, do not feel bad if you are not accepted by the agency .
As a plus-size beauty, you may want to be a plus-size model and know what it takes to take this big, bold and beautiful step. Well, you really can do it.
Plus-size model
Plus-size model

Here are seven tips on how to be a plus-size model;
1. Decide if the modeling industry is right for you: It is important to take a look through magazines and catalogs. In this way, you get a feel of how the models look, including the way they pose, their body type.
2. Take a few test shots with some friends or family: Taking few test shots with some friends is another great step to be a plus-size model. In this way, You get to know how photogenic you are. Also practice moving in clothing and finding your right look, and a hairstyle that fits your face. If there is anything that you need take care of, for example, split ends, clearing up your skin , exercise to tone areas, then take action and do so now.
3. Ensure you meet the height and size requirements: This is not meant to discourage aspiring plus-size models, but ideally, you should ensure that you meet the height and size requirements. The aim would be defeated on getting to a modelling agency knowing full well that your height and size are not the perfect match for what you’ve come for.
4. Seek out local modeling agencies: While in search for local modelling agencies in your area, also look out for what their exact requirements are for submitting your photographs or for open calls. During open calls, the agencies set time aside to see new models.
5. Schedule a test shoot: Once you find the agencies you want, schedule a test shoot; this can be with a family member, friend. You can decide to have professional photos taken too. It is not necessary that they be professional though.
6. Ensure that photos are clear and not blurry. There should be no one else photographed in the pictures with you. At least one photo should be a head-shot; a good smile shot, one full length, and a body shot in shorts and tank or a swimsuit, depending on whatever you are comfortable with wearing.
 7. Submit your photos to the agencies you have chosen: Going through the above processes is incomplete without this. There are three ways to submit your photos; email to the relevant plus size division or send a letter of introduction with your photos attached via ordinary mail.

 Ma Divas, keep working on yourself and get acquainted with these tips!