You just met a nice guy, he starts telling you about his long term relationship that recently ended then you realize you are his first date...


You just met a nice guy, he starts telling you about his long term relationship that recently ended then you realize you are his first date after the breakup. There would be so much doubt in your mind, you will wonder if you will end up getting heart broken if you proceed with this guy. It’s quite true that not all rebound relationships are bound to fail, but all of them do require some amount of caution before you proceed. If you want to determine whether the guy you are dating is not completely over his ex, see the signs below;
1. He broke up with his ex just recently
When you start to like the guy and you start to feel the spark in between, then this detail just seems to fade away in the background. Falling out of love with someone is never a quick process, if your guy claims to be over his relationship of two years in just two weeks and claims to be completely ready for something new, then he is not only lying to himself but also taking you along for an unpleasant journey filled with heartbreak.
2. He wants you two to be exclusive right at the beginning
The relationship will be going way too fast when your partner thinks that one or two dates are enough time to move on to be exclusive partners regardless if it’s a rebound relationship or not. It is a red flag when your partner puts this kind of pressure on you so early, It is either your partner is trying to make their ex jealous or they are just generally very desperate and controlling and both situations are unacceptable.
3. He is really good friends with his ex
It is possible for two people who have broken up to reconnect as casual friends a few years after the breakup, but when a breakup is very recent it isn’t possible to be just friends. You need to stop texting or calling each other if you ever want to get over this failed relationship. If your partner and his ex haven’t done any of these things then there is probably still something there.
4. He either loves or hates her
If he says or shows that he still loves his ex then he is definitely not over her but you have to look out for feelings of hatred too because the opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference. Any kind of intense emotions towards an ex whether love or hatred means he is still stuck with his ex, extreme hatred and anger are signs he is still emotionally involved with his ex.
5. He still has his ex’s things at his apartment
If he still hangs his ex’s picture on the wall of his house or even her clothes, toothbrush or other toiletries just lying about in his apartment, then there is no doubt he has unresolved feelings. you need to run as fast as you can if this is the case because either their breakup is extremely recent or he still hopes she is going to come back to him.
6. All he wants to do is be physical
If your relationship is always about sex and not taking the time to know each other better, then you are just a means to fulfill his sexual desires. A committed relationship is one where both partners open up, let each other in and connect on a deeper level while revealing their vulnerable sides and the vulnerability can’t just be the one where someone sees you naked for the first time.
7. His friends keep giving you weird looks
If you feel uneasy the entire time you are with his friends, if you feel an obvious tension in the room or if they look visibly uncomfortable being around you then this is a clear sign. His friends knows when someone he introduces to them is just here as a temporary solution to a permanent heartbreak.

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