Starting off a new relationship can be really cute and amazing, to see the miracle of love with silly and loving gestures is simply adorabl...


Starting off a new relationship can be really cute and amazing, to see the miracle of love with silly and loving gestures is simply adorable. However the cute gestures can easily turn into annoying habits, though, it is only irritating for the on lookers and not in the least for the couple. You want to point out to them how painful it is to watch their annoying habits but you don’t have the heart to do it. Maybe you should give them a hint to make them realize, continue reading to see;
Mid adult couple on armchair in new home
1. You don’t make time for anyone
It’s understandable to want to spend all of your time with your partner but it’s not a smart thing to do. Your friends and family came way before the relationship, you have to spend some time with them at least if you don’t want to spend a lot of time with them. Your friends and family will always be there for you when things go wrong and they are the ones that are going to stay so treat them right and don’t allow the new found relationship make you forget other people.
2. You no longer have your own opinions only shared ones
You do not need to hide yourself behind your partners opinions and choices, you are still the same independent person you were before getting into the relationship. Though, you will have different views and tastes as you can’t possibly share everything. It’s absolute alright to use I instead of WE every now and then.
3. You are all for PDAs
You do not need to share your affection with the world as most people might not be comfortable witnessing your affectionate kissing and touching. Some things are meant to stay between two people and it’s only special as long as you keep it exclusively to each other only.
4. All you can talk about is your relationship
Your partner is the most amazing person in the world, but it will only be for you. Your friends might not share your views so instead of boring your friends with your relationship talk, keep it minimum. You need to draw a line somewhere and focus on the conversation at hand rather than your partner for a change.
5. You think no one even begin to comprehend what you have found
You may think that no one could ever feel this way or experience what you have but that might not be the case. There is nothing wrong in believing so, but you do not need to be vocal about it. Don’t disregard what other people have to say about your relationship because they can look at things differently than you do.
6. You are always found together all the time
It’s great that you are in a relationship but you shouldn’t give up your lives. Everyone needs their space, it may be frustrating for the people around you as they may want to spend some time with you or talk about things they can’t talk about in front of your partner and you should provide them with an opportunity.
7. The incessant of taking couple selfie
Not everyone is going to share your enthusiasm, you can capture every single moment but refrain from putting up those photos everywhere. The better thing to do is to live those moments rather than waste most of your time in taking photos with him/her.

Feel free to add other annoying habits of new couples.