Sometimes we look at couples who seem to have it all but I have come to realise the common notion of not judging a book by it’s cover since...


Sometimes we look at couples who seem to have it all but I have come to realise the common notion of not judging a book by it’s cover since you don’t know what lies in the pages. However, some people just have a genuinely amazing relationship. Relationships are where two individuals come together to live their lives together and there are sure to be some problems or times when they will go to bed angry or upset. Though, love and support will overshadow all the negatives and they will live a happy life. There are certain things that separate a happy couple from a struggling one, it might sound old or not new to you but maybe all you do is read and not implement them in your relationship, this why your relationship is struggling;
1. Being each other’s support
You vowed to be by your partner in sickness or in health yet you find yourself frustrated sometimes. Supporting your partner does not only apply to married couples, if you are in a genuine relationship where you actually have strong feelings for the person, then it applies to you too. People have both bad and good days, no one will be smiling everyday the only difference is that some are more expressive. If your partner doesn’t want to tell you yet, then don’t act like there really isn’t anything wrong, this does not mean you should be nosy or anything but put in extra effort to see them smile again
2. Quality time
A relationship is between two people and not the world, no one should interfere in your relationship. If your partner is close to their family, you should also try to be close to their family as you two needs to think before you leap. However, the 24 hours you have, spend at least one with your partner, take some time to focus on the two of you and you will always know what’s going on in your partner’s life. Sometimes it will be nothing and sometimes there will be something, but whatever it may be your relationship will grow.
3. Prioritizing
You need to work accordingly when you are in a relationship, you shouldn’t just think of yourself anymore because you have a partner who has become an integral part of your life. This does not mean you should put yourself second, it means that you need to prioritize. Never make your partner feel like they aren’t worth it anymore, it might seem so small but trust me, one wrong move and you will end up scaring your relationship. You need to think twice, think carefully and think about them.

Relationships are complicated but of the two people work it out, it can be the most beautiful thing that can happen to them.