Guys are much pickier than you expect them to be and keeping them can be quite challenging. what guys like seems to change every minute and...


Guys are much pickier than you expect them to be and keeping them can be quite challenging. what guys like seems to change every minute and that is enough reason to start losing interest because girls are always confused on how to keep their guy interested. However, all hope is not lost and they are still tried and tested methods which will keep him wanting more of you. Check out this ways you can keep your guy interested forever and remember never to lose your originality and personality along the way.
1. Stay interested in him
Your partner might not start sharing all of his activities with you but offering ways to stay involved with his life makes lot of difference. If you are always present in his life it won’t be unnoticed but make sure he is also willing to stay interested with you but if he is never in the mood for anything you like doing, then it’s time to stop showing up for him.
2. Don’t always remain readily available
If your partner starts feeling like you are always willing, ready and available for him, he might start to lose interest. Most guys loves a challenge and they want to know if you have a life of your own and he can always get his space in the relationship. Most guys lose interest when they start believing that nothing in your life is actually exciting.
3. Stop playing hard to get
In as much as guys loves challenges, they do not love big ones. You just have to play by the rules if you want to keep them interested but you should also re-invent them to suit your situation. If you act too distant, he might lose patience and get bored with the chase.
4. Start taking care of yourself
One thing ladies should never overlook is their self-care game. It doesn’t mean you should get your nails and hair done every week or buying new outfits everyday but the self care that actually goes beyond the surface. If you can take care of your spiritual and mental life, your partner will remain attracted to you.
5. Don’t try to take away his freedom
Everyone wants some space regardless of their gender and you have to give it to them. He will tell you what he is up to himself if he wants to and you shouldn’t expect him to take you with him anytime he is with his friends. You need a life too, keep yourself busy so you don’t just lie around all day waiting for him to call you.
6. Don’t act jealous
Jealousy is natural in any relationship but it shouldn’t end up being a permanent feeling in your relationship. Though, you might have heard people say some level of jealousy is good, but it is not. Jealousy shouldn’t exist between you two and if you are facing issues with jealousy, you should share your concerns with him.
7. Don’t be negative
It is very difficult to be around negative people, it is quite annoying and it starts affecting your own energy. It makes normal conversation impossible and makes one feel exhausted.
8. Have your own group of friends
Everyone needs friends who can go out and party with them, people who can give them advice and support them in life. Occupy your mind with things that makes you happy but just make sure you are not all over him.
9. Be yourself
You are a unique individual and that is the best advantage you have, guys like girls that are not shy of who they really are and being yourself will feel good to you and you won’t want to stop. Become your own best friend and be proud of who you really are and the person you have become.
10. Don’t be clingy and maintain your own interest
No one wants to be suffocated, acting clingy all the time will have a negative effect on your relationship. Cling to things that can make you a better person and not on a guy because it will only lead you deep into trouble. Your guy will like seeing you occupied with things of your own interest, it can also mean more growth and personal development for you also. Your partner wants you to be more than just an empty shell to him and don’t ever settle for a lesser version of yourself.

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